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Thread: MOH: Frontline install help?

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    Matthieu105 Guest

    MOH: Frontline install help?

    hello i have medal of honor but i want like to know how i have to install Frontline on my ps3. Its a pkg file > 4gb. Any suggestions ?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I assume by the fact you mentioned >4GB files that you are not working from original disk and so must be using jailbroken PS3 on 3.41 or less, The medal of honor frontlines PKG requires 3.42 to install and unless it can be extracted from PKG and modified it will not install, There would probably not be a game update for this and so the method of downloading the patch which worked for main medal of honor game will not work in this case.

    Thats not to say some dev hasnt found a way to install it, or will find a way soon, I feel the best way would be get console to report as 3.50 somehow, even without game decryption keys for higher firmwares I think it will still help in cases like this.

    Not really worth putting much time into this, im sure ps1 and ps2 (on BC models at least) backups will be playable soon.

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