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Thread: MOH external help?

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    Colnechris Guest

    MOH external help?

    Does it work off external? I can put it on my internal but would be at the expense of RED Dead Redemption and im still playing that so would rather have it on external.

    Seems to have files over 4gb

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    jinsatoemo Guest
    the >4gb file in moh can be removed. can't quite remember the exact folder name (PKG something) as it just a game installation for MOH Frontline.So with that file folder removed, you can play it on external.

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    Colnechris Guest
    well i'm just extracting it to my laptop now and will then look at finding the file and removing it before i put it on my external, if not I have 21gb left on my 40gb ps3 so as long as theres no massive installation needed I will be able to put it on the internal no problem.

    edit: that worked perfect thanks, now just hope the game works.

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