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    dustin4u Guest

    Modify Eboot for dummies?

    Hi Guys,

    So has anyone released a modified Eboot.bin for REAL big dummies yet?

    I would love to play GT5, like a lot of people- but don't understand how to edit the Eboot, and where to put it etc etc.

    I've searched, but looked for an hour, then decided just to post something.


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    EiKii Guest
    well you could just download the eboot i have seen modified all over the net, afaik i haven't found any guide either how to edit them, are looking into it to, not specifically GT5 but just overall.

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    flashpc Guest
    I too would be interested in knowing how to modify the EBOOTs myself.

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    swoo112 Guest


    EiKii -- I to would like to play GT5 but can't and I like many others have tried the Patched EBOOT.BIN but have not yet got it to work, Mine after setting Screen size displays GT logo for a short while goes to black screen and waits until either O or X is pressed the GT logo re-appears and hangs there for ever.

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    3xodus Guest
    It's the GT5 SSOD (Sliver Screen of Death). Here's what I did (BCES00569, i.e. I have the EUR version)
    • Firstly, I have the original disc, so, I just copied it to the internal HDD using Gaia
    • Then, replaced the EBOOT.BIN with the new patched one
    • Then, Open Gaia, Turn MEM PATCH ON (L1)
    • Then, Launch GT5 from within Gaia
    • When Gaia exits back to the XMB, then, insert any original disc. GT5 should load up then, and, go past the SSOD.

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