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    Romannn Guest

    Modern Warfare 3 Spoof CFW 3.60 fix not working help?

    I have BLES-01433 of MW3 and i tried so many patches but get always Crash of PS3 or an Error 80010017 or something similar. Have someone a real working Patch for this version?


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    Apr 2005


    According to THIS post, for that version you should be able to use the fix below (backup file HERE) and in multiMAN set it to External + BD Mirror.

    MW3 BLES-01433 Fix: EP0002-BLES01433_00-MW3PATCHFIXED102.pkg

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    Romannn Guest
    I have try this Fix but get a Black Screen...

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    Blade86 Guest
    Disc in Drive, BD-Mirror on & start via CD-Icon... works perfectly.

    I'm playing the version 120 on BLUS online

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    Romannn Guest
    Thx need to change Bd Mirror

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