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Thread: mlb the show 2010 backup help?

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    tigersmistris Guest

    mlb the show 2010 backup help?

    when I try to play the back up of mlb the show it just freezes on the ps3 home screen. I am very new to backing up games so could really use some help. I backed it up to my internal and select the game in my back up manager and it takes me back to the ps3 home screen however when I select the game it just freezes right there and wont take me any further.

    I am using the back up manager that ps jailbreak so it's just the basic back up manager version 1.1... I think... Like I said I am new to this however I have backed up a couple of my other games and it has worked... any help will be appreciated.

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    ChugIt Guest
    No clue here. MLB 10: The Show was one of my first backups I did and mine works fine. Is the disk completely scratch free? I backed mine up with the original Backup Manager and PSFreedom for Motorola Droid in September. I've had zero issues. If it isn't a problem with the actual disk then I wouldn't know what else it could be.

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    tigersmistris Guest

    mlb 10 the show

    Do you think it could be that I am backing up to my 40 GB internal and maybe there isnt enough space to play it? I plan on getting an external to try it that way so I hope that works.

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    spcfury Guest
    My guess is you have run out of space on your internal drive. MLB 10 the Show is about 24 gig when ripped. I've found that the backup manager is quite stupid, because it will rip the disk regardless of how full your drive is, at least in my experience anyway.

    Also, this will not run from an external drive because it has a wad file that is over 9 gig. I'd delete the game and then check the available space under system settings, system information. Hope this is helpful.

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    Drakhen Guest
    Well to narrow it dowe you should check and see how much space is left on your hard drive, did you watch it as it was backing up?

    It will appear that it is copying the game over regardless of the space free on the drive but when it does run out it will say something such as error, I really dont recall what it said so don't quote me on that part.

    But the game works great for me, or at least it did, I just checked to see if it boots and it did, I really don't play my ps3 at all it actually has less then 10 hours of usage on it and I have had it since day 1.

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