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    alechair Guest

    MLB The Show 11 not working anymore help?

    Hello there. I have a 120gb PS3 slim running 3.41 jailbroken (groopic hermes v4b). I have MLB The Show on the internal disc.
    Installed the patch, made it work, no problems at all.

    The thing is I was running out of space so i deleted the 4gb installed data (using the delete option on the xmb).
    Now i can't get past the move screen... i get blackscreens every time.

    Anyone has a solution to this?


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    uberh1 Guest


    try select + x and load game with a ps3 game in ps3 load game from disc icon not app_home.

    that may help.

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    severusx Guest
    When you deleted the game data you deleted the patch. You will need to reapply it. I would recommend that you update to Kmeaw 3.55. It makes playing games a lot easier because you don't have to use as many modified EBOOTs.

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    alechair Guest
    Thanks for the answers. I forgot to mention i already tried the following:
    • deleted all my saves for this game (yes, including my RTTS data...)
    • tried discless form the app_home icon and with a retail disc inside from the disc icon
    • re-applied the patch (that's why i get to see the move screen, otherwise it won't start)
    • tried with open manager and multiman (both last versions)
    • tried with the bdrom emu option (not useful with an internal hdd game)

    i'm trying to stick with 3.41 i always managed to play every game on it. since 3.60 is out being on 3.41 or 3.55 is the same thing (the seek for working eboots/patches) and i have many games already modified, so it would be a mess to make everything 3.55 compatible for me.

    to get back on topic, the weird thing is: game used to work perfectly. why is not working anymore?


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    severusx Guest
    Maybe your rip has been messed up. If the game requires only 3.55 I would just update to that, but yes any games you modified the EBOOTs for will have to be reverted to stock. Luckily we have a really nice repository here in the Hacks thread for original EBOOTs.

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    alechair Guest
    yes... you're right. i will try re-dumping disc to internal hdd (i find it hard to understand how it messed up, but who knows)

    thanks for the info on the thread.

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    soldier Guest
    delete the blus and re-dump it to internal. i have the same setup and game as you and i don't plan to move off of 3.41 and that's not the solution.

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    tonybologna Guest
    I too had issues with getting this game to work. I remember having to get 3 different sources. I'm still on 3.41 CFW myself. You do need a modified eboot plus pkg fix for this one. This is a pretty good sized game. I have mine running from internal HDD. Be sure you get a fix that is proven to work. That was my problem. I was using fixes that wouldn't work. Thanks!

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    alechair Guest
    Thanks again for the answers. I have a USB stick that I only used for installing PKGs. I checked in there and I have a PKG for the show 11 that I0m pretty sure is the one I installed a while ago, and worked.

    Using that one, I had no luck. So, I already deleted the image. I'll re-dump it again on the internal, and look for a 3.41 fix.

    I'll let you guys know what happens.

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