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Thread: MLB 13 The Show PS3 help?

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    illude93 Guest

    MLB 13 The Show PS3 help?

    I recently got MLB 13 The Show and it freezes after the opening video. I've moved it from external to internal and ran it on BD Mirror but that didn't help at all. I'm running it on Rogero 4.46 and I've bee able to play other games that are new and old so I'm at a lose as of what to do. If anyone has any suggestions that would be greaatttt.

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    misiozol Guest
    Try to make a dump again this time to internal HDD as data sometimes gets lost along the way , try put ps3 game inside drive and run it with game in side drive.

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    illude93 Guest
    I feel like an idiot, I forgot I put this post here that long ago. I'm sorry but I'm not understanding what it means to, make a dump to the internal HDD, could you clarify a little for me, thanks!

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    misiozol Guest
    YES simple , insert game disk MLB 13 The Show in drive , load multiman , press square , select copy , chose internal HDD

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