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Thread: MK9 black screen, was working until blu-ray died help?

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    alexkiddinoz Guest

    Angry MK9 black screen, was working until blu-ray died help?

    Hi all, been lurking on this site for a while so much great info avail.

    The Prob i have is i have Kmeaw 3.55 with Multi 2.05 all was working a treat until i finished playing a game of blur.

    I went to load the MK from multiman and my blue ray icon was no longer on the dashboard and i was unable to see my GTA4 disk in multiman drive manager either, I get a blue light and a spinning clock in the screens corner but no disk show up.

    Most games are still working from my internal except for now Mk9 i am getting the black screen instead of the mk logo at startup.

    Main questions were:

    1. has anyone got MK9 working with a broken or missing bluray drive

    2. is MK9 able to be loaded from the /ps3game path above the install package (on dash) or does this game need to be loaded from a bluray game icon with a disk already in the drive under the install packages menu on dashboard.

    3. Is my laser dead and should i get one online for 99 buck and install myself or does any one have any other suggestions. this is a 2007 model so no warranty here.

    Thanks for all your help in advance guys.


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    darksabre Guest
    MK9 requires a disc, so you're outta luck there. For #3 it's you're choice to buy another drive and install it. Until a CFW comes out that gives 100% discless loading you have no other choice. Trust me I feel your pain. My drive died on me recently.

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    alexkiddinoz Guest
    I soo had a feeling that was the case... I only just got into this CFW stuff and im soo glad i did as if my Drive had died 3 weeks ago i would have a stack of games here and no drive to play them on.

    Damn australian Gov crap classification system is good for 1 thing I learn how to backup and play my games via Multiman lol thank to them banning MK9.

    And the worst thing is im half way through the story mode and now i want to know what happens next... (no spoilers please ill have to be patient)

    Thank you for your help there DARKSABRE. You have confirmed the worst for me lol. have a great day.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well the Cobra USB gives 100 percent support for Discless games.

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    alexkiddinoz Guest
    50 bucks i may as well give this cobra a go. I don't use the drive for movies everything is streamed from my media centre.

    Cheers HeManHRU i'll give that a go next week.

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