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    jackthejoker7 Guest

    mk2 file in ps3?


    How can i view a matrochka file in a ps3?

    thank you

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    Takavach Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jackthejoker7 View Post

    How can i view a matrochka file in a ps3?

    thank you
    i think you need this : MKVtoPS3

    welcome to ps4news.com

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    Vietone Guest
    Just a note.

    MKV to PS3 will re-encode anything not compatible with the PS3.

    MKV is a container file that holds video, video, and subtitles if they exist. If you see MKVtoPS3 remuxing, thats good because it will be quick as the PS3 is extracting the audio and video and putting it into a new container file that can be played on the PS3.

    If you see encoding, that means it may take a long time depending on how long the video is. The program will have to re-encode whatever is not compatible.

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