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Thread: Missing space on my PS3 internal hard drive help?

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    Kozunak Guest

    Missing space on my PS3 internal hard drive help?

    I was using FileZilla (FTP software) to transfer The Last Of Us a couple of days back and i noticed that the space I had on the internal HDD was not enough (i had 25gig of free space), so i deleted another game which was around 20 gigs through the FileZilla, and when i entered through the multyman no matter how many times i refreshed the hard still showed that there was 25Gb of free space, but the game that i deleted and its folder were gone, so now i have a Ps3 with a 160Gb hard drive and only 100 of them are usable.

    Any help on the matter will be much appreciated.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Do you have any files such as Game Data (Updates, DLC, etc)? I would recommend doing the math and counting your usage. I personally couldn't tell you much but to completely format the HDD via the Tool in the PS3 Game OS settings.

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    Kozunak Guest
    When I hit properties on the hdd0 through Multyman it says 95GB of taken space and 4GB of free space. And the folders are gone, they dont exist anymore. And I dont want to format the HDD because i dont know how to install rogero or multyman myself. Do you think deleting only the GAMES folder will do anything.

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    JeoWay Guest
    Potentially it could. I highly recommend doing a full format though. Installing Rogero again and mM is a breeze through safe mode

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    Kozunak Guest
    Ok thanks very much for the help.

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