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Thread: Missing BR Drive after update Recoverable?

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    haigy11 Guest

    Missing BR Drive after update Recoverable?

    My nephew was playing a game online awhile back and was kicked when his PS3 restarted on him. He said he had just updated a little earlier. Now, as with a bunch of others he has lost access to the BR drive. Disks still go in/out and the blue light acknowledges the presence of a disk.

    I have tried a different BR drive and ribbon cable. No difference. I restored the HD. Again, no difference. I used a different drive from a PS3 with a dead processor (bad solder) and still, no change.

    I have purchased a PSJailbreak, and want to know if anyone has any thoughts or knowledge if I can repair this system by downgrading the firmware VIA the jailbreak downgrader to something prior to the 3.0 update that caused this.

    I have searched for awhile to find a repair idea and nothing. Nothing other than Sony saying the upgrade did not do this, and that it is simply coincidence that hundreds if not thousands of units aquired this same issue at the same time.

    Me thinks there is some denial going on. Any help out there?

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    Warrorar Guest
    this problem is well known in the scene. there are several possible things what could happens.

    1. the bd drive board is damaged
    2. the connection between bd drive and mainboard is broken
    3. the lens of the bd drive is dirty
    4. the lens of the bd drive is damaged.

    you have some ways what you can do now.

    if you are experienced in hardware and dont scared in destroying the warrenty of your ps3, then you could open it up. buy a lens on amazon for your system and try to repair your self your ps3 bd drive (but the chance that it will helps is not 100%).

    or if you still have warrenty, give the console back and try to get a new one, or you sell the console for arround 120euro on ebay as damaged console and buy a new one for arround 200 euro... or you have a friend who can help you with your console.

    these option i see for you.

    i wish you luck

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    barrybarryk Guest
    of course it can be repaired, you cant just swap drives from one ps3 to another though they need to be compatible models.

    First if you havent already tried though go into the recovery menu and "restore system files" if that doesnt work i'd try cleaning the lens on the original drive manually with some lens cleaning fluid and cotton buds then put it back in before opting to replace it.

    About 80% of ps3's ive repaired with disc problems, only needed the lens cleaned or files restored.

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    Agreed. My PS3 actually had the same problem, where it would originally accept games, but they would skip and lag. So I updated to 3.41, upon which the disks no longer were being read, even though the BR-D acknowledged their existence.

    I actually purchased a new laser and replaced it, and that solved my problem. You could post what model your PS3 is and we could help you identify your laser model #.

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    EiKii Guest
    it sounds like a bad laser, if it would been any hardware problem i.e damaged BD-board/bad connection i think the update would have halted, as it checks the hardware and if there is any problem like no bd-drive found it will stall. But if its the laser it will check as functioning and update, but won't read discs.

    replacing the laser isnt very hard, (depending on how handy you are) don't think the stores charge much either to change it, just make sure you get the right deck/laser as there is 2 different i think, old one had one lens (read both dvd/br-discs) newer drives has 2 lenses one for dvd-r movies etc, and the other for Bluray. probably they did it that way to save the BR laser when playing dvd movies etc.

    hope you solves it, GL

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