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Thread: MGS4 PS3 Trophy Error 8002291B help?

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    FreeMayk Guest

    MGS4 PS3 Trophy Error 8002291B help?

    Hi people

    I have Rogero 4.46 and Multiman 4.46.01 on my ps3. I know error 8002291B is trophy missing error.

    So it is any way to fix that and finally play MGS 4 without that problem? Also, can i play ps3 games without getting bloody trophies?

    All best

    Tnx in advance

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    Liongooder Guest
    Go to recovery mode & choose the option rebuild data base, how to get to recovery mode?

    1- turn off your PS3, then turn it on & keep holding the power button until it shuts down
    2- then turn it on & keep holding on the power button you'll hear one beep

    keep holding until you hear two consequent beeps, take off your hand or you finger & voila.

    Remember Rebuild data base, after that install MGS4 Update patch V2.0 in case you have the regular MGS4 game.

    Have a nice day.

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    FreeMayk Guest
    Tnx i will try. I have Metal Gear Solid 4: 25th Anniversary Edition, downloaded from torrents.

    Yeap, its working!!! Tnx a lot m8.


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