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Thread: MGS4 + PS3 help

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    mkd Guest

    Red Face MGS4 + PS3 help

    Hi all,

    I have bundle aus ver and samsung Series 6 40inch (LA40A650). when I play mgs4 showing before I play 1920 x 1080 60hz and my tv support 100hz only.

    why ?

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    Starlight Guest


    That 100hz i think is a feature in that tv that is called Auto Motion, here is some info on that.

    120 Hz Motion Plus technology estimates and inserts an extra frame between frames to create a more comfortable viewing experience. The extra frame makes images appear seamless to your eyes, and eliminates the motion judder and image bluming that can occur when watching movies and sports. Even the fastest action scenes are presented with precision and clarity on the SAMSUNG LCD TV SERIES 6 650 (Applicable to over 40" model).
    The tv should still work for the 60hz as that is more like a region thing, like NTSC = 60hz and PAL = 50hz, but i think that 100hz is for the frame in between frames only i think, not 100% on this but it does seem like that might be what that is for only.

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    mkd Guest
    thx for your info.. i found that some games are 1080 some 720 ect changing by self from my tv. Hz always is 60hz.

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