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Thread: Method to backup PS3 games with a PC help?

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    Darkeru Guest

    Method to backup PS3 games with a PC help?

    Is there any method to backup PS3 games with a PC?

    I'm basically in the odd situation that I've left some of my games in another country. Disgaea 3, 4 and Valkyria Chronicles. Apart from Disgaea 4, they're all fairly old games, so I'm not sure if I can easily get them in another way. There isn't an appropriate PS3 at the place to back them up.

    I've looked around and only seen one method mentioned. That same method though has just as many people saying it's a scam/doesn't work/etc.

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    niwakun Guest
    you need a legitimate PS3 to read the game data out (its encrypted and PS3 can only read those PS3 game part but just in case the Disc is a hybrid disc then the Video part is readable by blu-ray player but not the game)

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    Darkeru Guest
    Thanks for the answer. I thought so, but wanted to get confirmation in case these claims of software which can read it, were true.

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