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    Metal Gear Solid 4 without Blu-ray disc help?

    Hi, i want to play MGS4 without a disk, because my player is broken.All the games works fine with Iris Manager 2.50J, but MGS4 seems to do not work because is splitted, and when i try to star the game from Irisis, it say that Bd emu doesn't work with splitted file... How can i solve this problem?

    P.s.Sorry for my bad english

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    Try using Multiman, It works perfectly with split games. I personaly think that multiman is the best but I cant really say which is better because I never used Iris Manager.

    Here is the latest version of multiman. Well I think its the latest version.


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    iris manager got a perfect discless mode payload, it requires patching some files on dev_flash but it works as it was like you inserted a BD game disc.

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