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Thread: Metal Gear Online question

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    fepkk Guest

    Question Metal Gear Online question

    I can't find MGSO to download on the playstation store. Can someone help me?

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    DannyL Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by fepkk View Post
    I canīt find MGSO to download on the playstation store. Can someone help me?
    well unless you preordered the game or got the code somehow, your not gonna be able to get it.

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    Field Guest
    The MGO Beta was only available on the PSN store for a short time due to the short beta testing.

    I found that out the other day, I was able to get the Konami passcode easy enough, but the link on the PSN Store was gone. Damn. So I just tried the [email protected]/ProxyServer/PSN Links and installation went great, but when booting up MGO, I got the 'Copy Protection Invaild Error'. Oh well I'll just wait till it's released in June.

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    Cammarratta Guest
    Have you looked in the psn store links thread. I know that japanese and europeans were able to get it for free so that might be good for you.

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    Ryan19 Guest
    Looks rare to get it, if from SouthEast Asia. Most the time have to wait like 1 month, after the release.

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    Pimpmastah Guest
    Also JAP and EU beta over Folding-trick didnīt work.

    I also got the copyprotection error.

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    c3peo Guest
    I think the beta inscription was closed some days ago.

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    ec1baller Guest


    aw man good thing i read this post i was going to try and download the FH method for MGS once i got 5 quality posts. you guys saved me time lol.

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    makk Guest
    The download was taken down on may 6th from UK store although I can still download it through my downloads list. So it is still being hosted but am unsure how you would get it if you can.

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