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    [Answered] Memory Card Converter?!

    Has anyone else been able to find one of these? (The little PS2 to USB converter devices?) I was told they'd be available at launch and I haven't seen one anywhere (and I checked around 10 stores).

    Did they sell out totally in Japan resulting in a shortage in the US or something? I want to finish FFXII and I'm too lazy to hook my PS2 back up and move my PS3 out of the way.
    Best Answer - Posted by Starlight:

    I think i've seen them up here in canada looking online at stores.

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    I think i've seen them up here in canada looking online at stores.

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    Argh! I think I might be able to get them online but all of the places I've checked say "Not in stock" or something like that. Preferably though I'd like to get one from a store so I can use it right away. If anyone catches word of a chain selling these things in the US please pm or post in here. I'd love to get one!

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    Im waiting for something to allow you to transfer your physical memory card saves to the PS3. Of course such a thing could be used for more devious purposes.

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    cant you guys just USE A PS2 Soft to trasfer them to you PC then put them in a USB device and put in the PS3

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    That would be interesting to note. Wonder if you could transfer saves from PC to PS3 via SD/ect. mem card.

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    They will be able to be put directly into the PS3, but the specific device I'm talking about is a Sony Licensed USB plug-in device that has a memory card slot on the end. You plug it in, plug your PS2 memory card in, and it transfers your saves over.

    It's only $15, so I'm waiting for it to come out because other possible alternatives are too expensive. It was supposed to be available at launch.

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    I'm waiting on this thing too. everywhere I've looked and asked they've said that it isn't out yet and to keep checking back with them as it could come out soon. I'll keep checking & post back if i find something.

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    I may be wrong because I dont have a PS3 but i thought you could only hold the equivalent of one PS1 and 1 PS2 memory card in the PS3 memory. Is this correct? Sony really cant uncap the volume of the virtual mem cards? Even then does the system treat them as the memory cards or are they just for storage. IE do you still have to use a memory card plugged in with the game?

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    I was checking Amazon, and found it

    They also have 2 JAP versions on eBay.

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