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Thread: MegaBox for PS3?

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    LitKilla Guest

    Question MegaBox for PS3?

    Has anyone here tried this out? it seems very confusing to setup for a non linux user.

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    relfie Guest
    I actually formated my harddrive from YDL 6.1 to tinker around with it a bit. Seems pretty cool so far, but a lot different.

    the only problem I have had so far is that I can't play snes roms in Megabox. It sees the roms... you hit L1 to play and the screen flashes...then goes right back to roms folder. Supposedly the program used is Znes.. but I can't seem to find the file for it. I have stumbled upon Snes9x file though... so I might just have to rewrite some code. I'll look at it later. Other than that...pretty cool setup.

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