I was playing some GBA roms on my Playstation 3 yesterday and everything seemed to work fine. Now today when I turned on my system I was greeted with a message that said your profile is corrupted and it made me set the time and all the settings over again. My game saves were still there though.

However when I tried to play some games, some games would say, "Registration of the trophy information could not be completed. The game will quit." While others that did work would say that the game save is not mine and that I would have to start over.

I could care less about the trophies and don't mind reformatting my PS3. However how would I make it so my game saves would work again? I have already FTP all of my saves onto my computer's harddrive already for backup purposes but now I'm not sure if my reformatted PS3 will take the previous saves. Please help me with this issue.

PS. There is a star in front of my profile name after the corruption. I have since removed that but the game saves would still not work.