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Thread: Medal of honor savegame help?

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    Matthieu105 Guest

    Medal of honor savegame help?

    hello everyone, I had to format the hdd of my console. I had no time to make a backup but i better did. I forget my save games. I've played MOH 2010 a lot and is was nearlly to the end. Can someone give me his save games so i could play the game from where I was stopped. BLUS3043601 this is my game id. pls help

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    Denida Guest
    Given that MOH's save file is copyprotected on the PS3, only way to get it off would be through FTP servers, so would be hard to find...

    I don't have the game, and took a little search for you on sites with save files to see if I could find it for you, but to no avail, so you may have to replay it I am afraid.

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    Matthieu105 Guest
    thanks for the reaction, the locked save games or no longer locked. there is a new prog that can change the param sfo so i only need one save file.

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