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    [UnAnswered] Is it me or call of duty 3 hard to play?

    ok... so i played resistance... then i tried fear... and they were both good in my opinion. so i decided to give call of duty 3 a try... and... argg... i am having a heck of a time.

    is it me or the enemies are hard to see in this game? they blend so well with the game environment... actually too much in my opinion that makes the gameplay unplayable and very very frustrating.

    i do look for the "fire sparks" or whatever you call them when they are shooting at me, but i never know which enemies are shooting at me... and then that "red circle graph with triangles" that shows up in the middle of the screen when you are being shot at... arghhhhh... makes it worse for me to see. and i am playing this da@# game on "easy" mode.

    has anyone tried this game and felt the same way? whey can't the enemies be a little more easier to see like the guys in resistance and their yellow tanks on their back?

    any gameplay advice is welcome as well. thank you all for reading my complaints.

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    Yeah dude its a hard game.

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    carapalida when did you become a dude? HEHE

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    heheheh... not sure. CARAPALIDA = ME = GIRL

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    This thread is uselss without pics!

    Just kidding.

    Just got COD3 myself and I'll tell you this. For as little of it as I've played I can tell you for sure this is not a run N gun game like resistance is. You can't play that aggressively.

    I've often found that if you just rush into a conflict when it first starts your screen will turn bright red in a hurry. Let your other troops run in and get started and then slowly follow them picking off the closer germans. The range on most of the guns is horrible, save the one scoped gun I've gotten so far... you can pick them off pretty far away with it.

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    WOWchamp... I am about to put this game back on ebay... because It is awefull! Only if I was able to see the guys that are shooting at me... they are soooo hard

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    You noobs, I'm a cod fanatic and I beat that game in one day. It kind is hard I guess but, I have been playing the entire cod series since its inception. It definately isn't run and gun. Take your time and observe your surroundings. Don't just run around thinking your gonna blast the enemy. The AI in this game is pretty good.

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    It can be harder to see the enimies but I usually have no problems as I'm playing a big HD screen and as fatty has I've played much of COD and COD2.

    Its not a run n gunner for sure, which takes away from the COD experience but sometimes even in the PC ones I notice I'll do a lot better slowing things down slightly then running around like a madman slinging led at whatever moves.

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    Gerry's makin' a break for it! Krauts in the open! GRUBS! (oh wait that's Gears of War)

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    COD 3 was a pain in the ass when i first picked it up but, after a few hours of playing and learning to "look before you go tearing through an open field". and make sure you take advantage of any available cover

    by the way it for the ps2 or ps3?
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