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    fonky2mars Guest

    Smile Maybe a new Bug ?

    hi guys ! i think i have discover a bug. I wanted to install Petit Boot Loader so i used the sony partition and i gave 10 go to anothers Os. PS3 rebooted and i intall Petit, installation complete so need to reboot. Than the PS3 reboot. As i'm a little dumb i did not remember that i have installed Petit boot so i re-install it and when the PS3 rebooted after installation impossible to load PetitBoot loader and when i turn off the playstation hoping that it will reboot on XMB nothing happened so i tell my self my pS3 is down !! Reboot after reboot (the green light made something strange ) impossible to do anything ready for being repair i tried to push the power button 10 seconds and ps3 booted on XMB ( i was so happy ! ) may be a bug i do not know

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    CJPC Guest
    It sounds like your PetitBoot install got corrupted, not really a bug however. This will happen quite often to those tinkering with any OtherOS applications in development. Sometimes they dont work, and a 5 second reset is the only thing that will do it, as it changes the boot flag to reset the PS3 back to XMB!

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    fonky2mars Guest
    thank you, just to tell you that Petit Boot is not corupted because it works right now but you said the instalation not the soft ( just in case )

    And i have seen you managed to access Xmb System File how did you do this ? may be you don't want to say it and i'll understand but it will help a lot ! and if it's not you may be you can tell me who it is.

    i hope i do not go too far for a newbie in this site !

    thanks for answering

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    CJPC Guest
    Well not all system files, but it was done using custom code on a development machine!

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    fonky2mars Guest
    ok thank, have you done it personaly or you get the info ?

    thank you

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    CJPC Guest
    Our DEV's have done it, yeah. So what do you need to know about it ?

  7. #7
    fonky2mars Guest
    ok what i need to know is the way you use just that because it'll help a lot. http, ftp, i have thought about a recovery soft may-be ?

    thanks for helping

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    CJPC Guest
    None, some executable code was compiled and ran on the DEV PS3 that allows us to explore the file system!

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    fonky2mars Guest
    ok thank you man !

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