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Thread: Mathieulh CEX to DEX Kit help?

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    zeryos Guest

    Mathieulh CEX to DEX Kit help?

    Hello everyone, i just wanted to say that i got my hands on the legit CEX to DEX kit (the one math gave to durandal for those who know).

    The folder contains all the files, tools and instructions to make the conversion but there is one problem: one of the step listed in the instructions requires you to send some files to math and he will then give you a text file with some data that is essential to the process.

    I'm willing to share but some trusted and competent dev will have to figure out the missing step and what's more is that if this thing get shared heads may roll so is there some COMPLETELY SAFE way to share it anonymously?

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    Apr 2005
    A lot of the leaked logs relating to this have been linked towards the bottom of THIS article, but from what I gathered there is a way to do it now without requiring using Sony's servers (via Mathieulh) to complete the process.

    Odds are someone will probably end up leaking it eventually, which could be accomplished simply by uploading it to a free file-sharing site using a proxy or TOR to mask your IP. Keep in mind though, the kit itself may contain watermarks to identify who the leaker in their circle is so it might not be worth the risk if you or the person you got it from are still involved with them.

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    damox Guest
    PM Me.

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    zeryos Guest
    Understood, in any case from what i can see there isn't anything in the kit that may help to identify the leaker or a specific user and i think this kind of knowledge has to be shared with the community because, if the method becomes doable without external help (math), it may lead to a huge step forward for the scene, it's just that i want to be sure that the giant crab goons won't be knocking at my door one of these days.

    for damox: sorry but it seem that i can't send you pms

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    FYI you should be able to send them now... I gave ya a +Rep, so you are now in the Contributor group here.

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    damox Guest
    Just throw it up on a file sharing site (megaupload etc.) you can password it if you don't want megaupload looking at it.

    Just let us know the password (via PM or in this thread)

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    zeryos Guest
    ok, for now it's on mediafire

    pass: ps3scene

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    CJPC Guest
    This will be interesting - one of the last holy grails out there (well, after the "we have your root keys" thing). Thanks for sharing with the community!

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    tiefputin1 Guest
    sad to see how that stuff getting massively uploaded and shared ... from what i read its the idps... doubt you can re-create that process... so that kind of request should be taken to the trashcan imo

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    zeryos Guest
    well the scene is reduced to a standstill because nobody is willing to share anything and the elitist groups want to have the monopoly on all the knowledge so i don't see sharing what i have as a sad thing if it does good to the scene.

    just to be sure here the multiupload link

    again pass: ps3scene

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