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Thread: managing games with 4gb files help?

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    PR0r Guest

    managing games with 4gb files help?

    I have just finished backing up over 60 of my games and have them sitting on a NTFS formatted drive. I am going to transfer the games with 4gb+ files onto the ps3's internal hdd (500gig) and then have the rest on my external fat32 drive.

    Is there a fast way of detecting which games have these larger files (4+gb) without having to look through a million folders or searching the games backup database?


    Also, is there anyway of doing the same thing to games already installed onto the ps3's internal hdd? I want to leave the games currently installed on the ps3's internal hdd that have files over 4gb and move the others that are capable of being played from an external (fat32) onto an external.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    open manager 2.1 has an option to check files for 4GB files, but that wont do for games that are on NTFS drives, there is this program called OpenSplit that may help you too, it allows you to split 4Gb files and then open manager 2.1 can merge then again.. there's also more pc apps if you search around like Gamezplorer for managing games on pc drives, not sure if that one give info about 4GB+ files but there are more apps that do.

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    PR0r Guest
    Thanks for your reply i've got open manager so ill use that for finding games with the larger files.

    Now all I need is a way to find files on a driver that are over 4gb. Surely there's a well-known app out there.

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    cackalack Guest
    Out of 40 games I've backed up there was only red dead redemption and GT5 that had file over 4 gig all others copied over fine, I don't bother checking because basically when you copy them over you sharp find out because the files copied over would total less than a gig, then it's just a case of ftp the large file over to the usdir folder.

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