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    Making PS3 Eboots help?


    I know recenlty people using CFW 3.55 where able to start making there own eboots for certain games, please could anybody point me in the right direction to this software, as i cant seem to find it.


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    you cannot make eboots, but you can decrypt fw 3.60 Games to fw 3.41 using deanks mutiman eboot fix with 3.6keys (compatibility of games is low by using this way). you can download 3.6+ games fixes made by groups like DUPLEX and N0DRM. you do not need to do anything yourself just download fixes made by these groups and install them and enjoy.

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    ^^^ is right but... making EBOOTs will require a proper environment to work with. PSL1GHT or the SCEI PS3 SDK will work for coding the game. (Don't mean to be rude but you don't seem like a dev so you need to look for EBOOT fixes instead).

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