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    [UnAnswered] Mac OS X on PS3 ?

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    Thinking now when PS3 have a Apple Power CPU in, wouldnt it be possible to install Mac OSX instead of linux ?

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    A port could possibly be made, however the questions of Apple porting it over are slim, unless there is some huge demand!

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    We've discussed this option before. You can emulate OS X through Linux, but it is too slow. A port would have to be made by either a determined Sony and Apple fan, or Apple/Sony themselves. That most likely won't happen, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by refuseamen View Post
    That most likely won't happen, unfortunately.
    and thank god for that, there isn't a single reason why anything Apple needs to go on anyone's PS3.... i don't think Windows needs to go on it either, for obvious reasons (PS3 vs XBOX360), but the reason why you don't need either one of those operating systems on your PS3 is because its NOT a computer, its not meant to be, and it shouldn't be used for the same thing....

    example: if you want something in your living room that gets you on MySpace (just as bad as anything Apple IMO), allows you to save all the corny pictures you take of yourself, use instant messenger, download your POP3 email, don't waste time and money by trying to accomplish that on a PS3 - use a laptop! another example: i have a WiFi enabled cell phone, do you think i do EVERYTHING i could do on a PC on my cell phone when i could just open up my WiFi laptop to do the same thing?

    enjoy your PS3 for what it was meant for, gaming, and what its capable of in the future, hacking - don't waste it with attempts to put an OS on it that makes you feel like you have another computer hooked up to an HDTV (most new ones have VGA montior inputs in them anyway)

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    I agree Garcia, but I think its fun to tinker around with Linux on the PS3 and could be good at least for watching DivX files etc on your HDTV.

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    I disagree Garcia. The PS3 is in fact a COMPUTER!!! Gasp! Sony designed the PS3 as a multimedia center not solely for gaming...otherwise, it wouldn't have memory ports, or given you the option of adding an OS or even incorporated Blu-ray. Sorry to say a significant % of PS3's consumers aren't hardcore gamers but individuals who took advantage of a low cost Blu-ray player knowing the family would enjoy the gaming aspect of the system. "Oh no...they're using the PS3 to watch movies..Screw that!...its meant for gaming!"

    Uh...I have a laptop, a desktop and I friggin love the fact the PS3 is a comp always connected to my HDTV...friggin looks sweet...and thank you Eternal, DIVX!...Blu-Ray is still a little steep for me

    Uh...running your Cell as a PC?...thats the most moronic comparison you could have came up with...that ability is given to the cell as a matter of convenience especially when you're roaming...obviously not for you to write out your essay.

    Why not take advantage of the many splendors that is the PS3!

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    Well, Sony could always license out the codecs for divx/xvid and then you could play those same files on your ps3 without the need for linux. Really the only thing I use my ps3 for right now is for gaming and playing movies via blu-ray and the hard drive.

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    well since I don't have a laptop and to browse the web or chat I have to be sitting in front of the computer, so I love the fact of being able to do those things through the PS3 while lying on my bed

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    I agree Garcia, but I think its fun to tinker around with Linux on the PS3 and could be good at least for watching DivX files etc on your HDTV.
    no no, i wasn't referring to Linux as a full OS like Mac and Windows - i was saying it should be used for gaming and hacking, the hacking part referring to using Linux (or other) for watching DivX / XviD, PAL on NTSC or vice-versa, etc

    i'm just not capable enough of installing AND using Linux on my PS3 yet, so i'm waiting to find someone locally who has done it and have them set the whole thing up.... i have easy access to top quality XviDs, and a strong desire to get rid of my PAL-playing regular XBOX ASAP!!!


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