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    Exclamation [UnAnswered] Mac Os X on PS3?

    Hi Everyone... First post here just wanted to ask if anyone has tried to install any versions of the Mac Os X on their Ps3 system? If anyone gets this working could you please post a tutorial on how it's done? i'm very interested in all the buzz surrounding this possibility.

    keep up the good work...

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    You can run it through emulation, but yeah, it would be too slow. Apple could someday make a version of OS X that would be meant to work on the PS3, thus utilizing the power of the console to its fullest. Because let's face it...7 SPEs running at 3.2GhZ each, I don't think it would be impossible to get a smooth running OS X on the PS3. Although there would need to be more memory utilization than just 256MB.

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    more memory for the ps3?

    will the ps3's memory ever see an upgrade? That would seem to be a key to other os's beside linux. Hs anyone opened one to take a look at the difficulty in a quick swap? :??

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    PS3 has 512MB of really high-end RAM, which is enough. There is no need to upgrade at all. The problem is that the RAM is split between the CPU and GPU. PS3 games can use both memory components simultaneously, but any normal PC/Apple program is not going to be able to do that because they aren't designed with that kind of technology in mind.

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