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Thread: loud fan, no ylod, failed update help

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    ukdan2k Guest

    Exclamation loud fan, no ylod, failed update help

    hi all, need some help troubleshooting a ps3,

    1st off network was failing to connect, wireless and wired
    2nd wireless pads need syncing via usb cable each restart
    3rd nothing played on disc - audio cds, dvds, games

    so i got a new laser for the console and replaced that - was the all in 1 laser type.
    then it was still playing up, the games etc would spin up and show loading icon (disc spin) in the top corner and then nothing happens.

    later i noticed the fan getting louder after 2mins of booting (possible overheating - same sound level as an hair dryer).

    so then i thought it could be a firmware problem and so tried to update via a usb stick (3.40 failed 8002F1F9 error the same happened with 3.30)

    Now im stuck with recovery mode and the h.d.d. empty.

    I then thought it might be failing to update because of overheating so i've cleaned the 2 chips and re applyed some thermal compound, and nothing has changed.

    There's no blockage of airflow, i only used a thin layer of thermal compound, the metal heatsinks are getting hot - so it must be connecting well. Also the psu is not even that hot so i don't think it's that.

    I'm ready throw it out the window but want to fix it, any ideas what's causing the problems or how to fix any of them?

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    daveribz Guest


    Did you opened it up before the problems started (wireless/wired failing, controllers etc.)?

    Offtopic: I'm also having the very loud fan problem when the system isn't very hot since I sent my console to Sony for repairs..

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