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Thread: Lots of PS3 jailbreaking questions help?

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    Pcow Guest

    Lots of PS3 jailbreaking questions help?

    I honestly don't know anything about jailbreaking ps3 systems. So before I do so, I have a few questions.

    1. Do I have to have a modchip/flasher?

    2. Can I be console banned for installing simple mods that aren't about cheating/hacking? (i.e. the hydraulics mod for GTA 5)

    3. Can I be console banned for installing game emulators for systems such as gameboy, snes, etc?

    4. Can I be console banned for just simply installing a jailbreak?

    5. Is there a way to unban myself after being banned?

    6. Can I undo the jailbreak if I don't like it?

    7. Is there a console ban prevention tool I can use?

    8. In the event of illegally installing a game, what are the chances of me getting banned?

    9. I've heard that you can't get banned if you are using a bannable application/game if you are not connect via PSN, is this true?

    Other information:

    When using a jailbreak, I would probably just use it for some mods on GTA that don't involve cheats, and maybe for some Nintendo emulators. So would I get console banned for doing any of those?

    Please answer at least one question for me. And if you have any more information about jailbreaking PS3 systems (especially about bans) please let me know!

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    misiozol Guest
    Hello about no.1 It's always good to have a flasher all do it's not needed in most cases it's required for downgrade/unbricking.

    As far as CFW and PSN chances are always for getting banned while on CFW as NO ONE knows on what conditions $ony is giving them but from what I have observed chances are growing if someone is using cheats/mods in other words online and CFW do not go hand in hand.

    Yes console can be unbanned if you have valid console ID but obtaining it that is completely different story.

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    Pcow Guest
    So... If I get unbanned, do I get to keep my account data, game saves, etc?

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    Aceus Guest
    It depends whether or not your console id is banned or your account is terminated fully you will know eventually but i recommend using an account that is not your main when you have to go online so in case your console id and account is terminated you can always create a new account and change your ps3 console id.

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