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    Neo Cyrus Guest

    Lost PS3 Game Data help?

    Essentially I have lost some game data and with it my DLC for a game rendering it useless as it contained my main character. I can't log back into the PSN to re-download it since I'm using Kmeaw 3.55. Is there currently any way around this?

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    severusx Guest
    Not that I am aware of. All DLC must be authenticated through PSN AKAIK. Sorry.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    So there is no method to upgrade to 3.6X, get my DLC back from the PSN then switch back to 3.55 without an Infectus? What exactly is the DRM process with the DLC that it hasn't been hacked yet?

    My only shot at this would be if CFW 3.6 was released which could write over OFW 3.6... quickly before Sony release another FW update purely to further enrage people like me. But as we already know they announced it's going to be a long time before CFW 3.6X is released, it won't be in time.

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    severusx Guest
    No, there is no way to downgrade a 3.56+ PS3 without some sort of NAND flashing tool, and that only works on fat PS3 with the NAND to begin with. Slim PS3s store the firmware on the drive instead of a NAND.

    I don't think anyone has really tried to hack the PSN DLC authentication DRM. Take a look at the debug/Rebug firmware and see what your DLC options are there. I haven't used it but I think it's at least worth looking into.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Well after looking around some more it seems pretty much certain there is no way around it currently.

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