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    System Repairs Guest

    Confused Lost PS3 Blu-ray movie playback help?


    I had installed a 3.55 CFW and had Blu Ray moves playing. I'm not sure if I had some type of file corruption, but used a ftp program to backup and delete some files. The end result was that I lost my Blu Ray move playback. I tried a bunch of things to get this going again.

    1. What files do I need to get the Blu Ray player working?

    2. I also read that if I downgrade to $ony 3.21 (not sure if this is the right FW) then back up to 3.55, I can get it back. Has anyone tried this?

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    mushy409 Guest
    What files exactly did you backup/delete? They obviously must be important as you're lost BD playback...

    Try downgrading back to 3.15, then go to 3.21, then 3.41, 3.50 then 3.55 - This has restored playback on a console I repaired a while back.

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    Vorlone Guest

    have you test this?... http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...ther-consoles/

    In this tutorial you can bring back your BD-Playback with remarry the PS3 with the BD-Board.

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    Anger007 Guest
    actually i'm sorry to have to correct you but up/downgrading/remarrying wil not restore blu ray playback. the only ways are:

    have a backup of your drl files
    have a method of desoldering and reflashing the chip on the bluray board
    get software that can read the hrl from the bluray then get a util to make yourself a new drl
    write software to read the hrl from the drive and use that to construct a new drl

    and finally my favourite (and i couldnt believe this one actually works but it does)

    install a custom firmware with otheros++ support (the patches used with otheros++ for some reason remove the checks for the drl files - noone seems to know, or care, why)

    the last option is the only viable alternative to a backup and does work. these days any firmware can be patched with otheros++ support so theres no reason to not have the support even if you dont use it (i dont use otheros and i didnt even bother with reformatting my drive and its still fine)


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    System Repairs Guest
    So I have the files and tried this method for my E3 card Reader but can't get past the blank screen:


    I get 20 seconds or so then the green light flashes and the system does not turn off.

    I tried several OFWs and switched off the PS3 at the back and I can only get my 3.55 CFW back. Am I missing something?

    Not sure why but I can't downgrade. I can go through the process and get back my 3.55 CFW. The system does not shut down like the guide says, and I have to shut it off manually though.

    -Maybe it was the CFW I was using?

    -Would it help if I posted the log files?

    * And still no Blu-ray Playback

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    There are older versions of CFW that accidentally disable Blu-ray playback yeah... but those are real old-school. So my question is were (not the link) did you get the CFW? And is it a public release?

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    System Repairs Guest
    As far as I know its PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 Backup Manager Patched Wutangrza Kmeaw and I got it from here. I have copies of my drl fies just which ones need to be put back on. I'm trying to FTP files now.

    I tried everything i couild think of:

    1. Different Firmwares (up to OFW 3.55)
    2. Different was of shutting down the console
    3. FTP files I had saved (most files had transfer errors)

    This is a copy of the log file:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    This is the log file for going back to my CFW:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    My next step is to format the drive first then try. Anyone else have any Ideas?

    I will try this link in the next few days.


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