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Thread: Lost+found folder help?

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    Gumpo Guest

    Lost+found folder help?

    I recently discovered a lost+found folder on the disk. Any idea what it is? I suspect it came along after some of my saves were corrupted.

    Can I delete it safely?

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    zaror1992 Guest
    No you cant delete it, its a Unix or Linux folder so if aint broken why fix it?

    I didn't write this: "lost+found is in general part of the Unix Filesystem and Linux systems. You will normally find them on each partition/drive on your system.

    Files in the Lost and found, as stated before, are put in when you did an Unclean Shutdown (Holding the powerbutton until the system turns off, unplugging it,etc...) or if you have some disk problems, or OS Problems. Many times the files are kind of unreadable and can be deleted safely... But it is there incase something horible gets messed up. It is part of disk cleanup, so when it found some files links that were not complete they put it in the lost and found, in the odd chance that it will be important."

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