I have tried several managers over the last week with some success.

But now i have installed :

multiMAN v1.08.03
Gaia Manager v1.03.1
Open Manager 2.1H/Open Copy Install 1.1

i have also tried PL3 and Hv4 and i am totally confused.

How do i get my PS3 to see external hdd's again?

Thanks for the guidance.

All the managers i have tried now cant see my ext hdds with all my games on it. I could ftp then to internal, but that doesnt solve the issue, i have tried 3x ext hdd's with no luck sometimes the "install pkg folder" finds the pkg files i have on ext hdds by managers cant find games.
I there a fix for that?

problem solved, it was a version or hex file of Hv4, had the wrong one installed and gave dramas.