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Thread: Lost BR player, WIN DVD Region-free help?

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    kevorkian Guest

    Lost BR player, WIN DVD Region-free help?

    I downgraded to 3.41 and make some mods to flash 2 and flash 3 to rescue BR Play. ZERO RESULTs.

    Lost BR movies play, but today i picked a dvd region 4 and insert into JBps3 downgraded region 1. NO RESTRICTION! PLAY without problems.

    The dvd isnt dvd-all, never worked before. Now all my dvd collection is working ANY REGION. 3, 4, all, 1. NOTE dvds arent region 1 with other region muxed.

    If someone can test it with a normal bad downgrade - without flash mod.
    Because mine flash mod was too crazy (stupid) to be a true working.

    Sorry my bad english.

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    BwE Guest
    ...what are you on about.

    downgrading does not allow you to play other region dvds.

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    wyndcrosser Guest
    sk, he said he switched drives.


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    kevorkian Guest
    My ps3 is cechg01. Only dvd region 1, but now after downgrade and lost BR play. Its all dvd region. So, its not hardware modification. ONLY software.

    Very bizarre side effect. No switch of drives.

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    BwE Guest
    i have checg also and its not all region after downgrading. maybe you have made a mistake and the dvd is region free.

    try again

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    kevorkian Guest
    yep my mistake, solved.

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    jamdobbs Guest
    Hi, the easiest way to get your blu-ray player working again after you have downgraded to 3.41 with moded pup is to downgrade again to 3.40 or lower with one of sonys official pups as once your on 3.41 you don't need a moded pup to downgrade again then take your ps3 out of service mode and you will be on 3.40 or lower and use sonys official 3.41 to update your ps3 problem solved.

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