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    Confused Looking for specific Oblivion mod pack help?

    I found in your Mod Repository a mod pack for oblivion. It had a link for download with multiupload but I think it's history now. I was wondering if anyone had the pack and wouldnt mind sharing with me? Thanks for any help with the matter. I won't disappear after i get this either. I enjoy it here and plan to stay and contribute. Here is what was mentioned in the mod:

    Midas Spells of Aurum 0995

    Shadowcreek Vineyard

    Waldelf Modified Jungles Nude Spell + Female EyeCandy Body Replacer 1.0

    Eshmes Bodies v2

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    I couldn't find anything... sorry

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    Thanks for the help! I will try out the link and see what i can do with it. This is better than nothing and it gets me heading in the right direction!

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