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Thread: Looking for PS3 Shop / Demo / Kiosk Firmware help?

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    Zarod Guest

    Confused Looking for PS3 Shop / Demo / Kiosk Firmware help?

    Hello Everybody,

    So I'm attempting to compile the most complete archive of PS firmware anywhere, and so far I've been extremely successful.

    However, I am missing 3 of the Shop / Demo / Kiosk (whichever you want to call it) firmware: 2.42, 2.51, and 4.45. I have every other single firmware to date that has been released, I just happened to miss out on these when they were available for download directly from Sony and I cannot find them anywhere.

    I'm wondering if anyone anywhere reading these forums may somehow have these 3 missing firmware.

    Please note that I do not want any CFW or MFW or converted firmware, nothing like that; just the original, official firmware mentioned.

    It would be greatly appreciated that if anyone has these, they could be shared so that I may complete my personal archive.

    Thank you for your time.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Good luck with that as Sony made most people remove any OFW from their sites, unless an individual has them from way back.

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    Zarod Guest
    Yes, but I have found every single one but those 3 on various sites that still have them up -- or had them, as a couple sites I revisited have been taken down for unknown [to me] reasons -- and some continue adding more.

    So I know someone somewhere has to have them, or at least I'm pretty sure. Maybe not the 4.45 due to the "bricking" issue so it was very short lived, but you never know. So luck just might be on my side at some point. We'll see what happens, though.

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