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Thread: long time 360 modder new to ps3 jailbreak help?

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    porschedrifter Guest

    long time 360 modder new to ps3 jailbreak help?

    Hey guys, looking to become a part of the community. I'm a long time 360 modder who bought a ps3 yesterday. Ok. I have been reading and reading. I bought a 160gb ps3 slim yesterday with the latest 3.50 fw on it.
    I would like to know what the bleeding edge jailbreak method to backup/play backups on ps3 right now is. There's vast info about both 360 and ps3 online but trouble is knowing if it's old or new methods, because they change, quite quickly.

    So if someone would point me in the right direction? From what I assume so far, I'll be buying a WD Black or hybrid HDD (Seagate Momentus XT) in the 500gb - 1tb range for the internal PS3 HDD and use that to backup games to. I will also probably be buying a P3GO gt break, so with that, what else do I need to know?

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    TheShroomster Guest
    For now being on 3.50 your kinda screwed until a downgrade is released. The exploit was blocked in 3.42. Read around the site and you find all the info you will ever need starting HERE.

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