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Thread: Location of Firmware Version/Information in .PUPs?

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    sensi Guest

    Location of Firmware Version/Information in .PUPs?

    I compiled waninkoko's source code and have extracted the 3.41 PUP and decrypted CORE_OS and unpacked it.

    have also decrypted the lv2_kernel.self as alot of people are looking at this.

    My question is where exactly is the version coded in the PUP, im guessing there are many places its referenced, but is there any way we can change it to make a sort of hybrid firmware? we have most of the tools to be able to do so now ?

    any help / guidance appreciated i'm here to listen.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    If you want to check the Firmware version, use the MD5 PSHasher for example to check.

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