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    Question Loading PS2 ELF from XMB?

    any documentation or source code regarding the loading of PS2 ELF files from XMB?

    Its not very hard to load a PS2 ELF via SWAP MAGIC or using SWAP TRICK (Yes swap trick still works ). both methods work just fine but i am interested in launching straight from XMB.

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    I have been playing around with that, don't think that ever amounted to anything. After reading it all nobody confirmed launching an elf with the method. I was able to create the APA partition and view its contents. I also was able to inject an elf file into the IMAGE.DAT but have no way of launching it because i don't have the FFXI Original discs.

    I have also been launching ps2 backups from disc using swap trick. I can also load elf files using the swap trick method but that was easy & not what i am trying to accomplish. Launching directly from XMB is what im looking for.

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