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    YouArePwnedMan Guest

    Loading games > 4 GB

    So, I downloaded Mafia.2.PS3.READ.NFO-DUPLEX, but how I can move it to my external drive. FAT32 limits file size to 4 GB, and NTFS is not supported by PS3. That's what was in .NFO:

    Be aware that fat32 filesystem can't deal with files bigger than 4gb. So some Games can't be ripped to an external hdd - only to the internal ps3 hdd.

    Internal HDD! That will be even better for me. So, what should I do? I've seen some videos, playing Mafia 2 with another disc inside.

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    Gusbacher Guest
    Try the PS3 FTP. With this you can put the games directly to your internal drive. Just set the right names on your Folder. Start ps3 Backup Manager and you will see the new Game.

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    download the ps3 ftp app that was released by CJPC. put it on a usb flash drive, connect the us3 flash drive to ps3, install the ftp app on ps3.

    download a windows ftp app like cute ftp or filezilla on PC.

    - open ftp app on PS3, enable the ftp service from within that app.
    - open ftp client on pc. transfer the game folder from PC to ps3 internal hdd at the following directory /dev_hdd0/game/LUAN12345/GAMEZ/

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    msr Guest
    You do not upload a iso, you upload the folder. So most games will be ok with fat32 limits, even though the total game is over 4gb. Remember 1 file needs to be over teh 4gb limit not the game folder.

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    djhazardous Guest
    Yeah, I don't think Mafia 2 has any files over 4GB?

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    YouArePwnedMan Guest
    It's not good for me to upload games on my 8 GB stick. Thank you NinjaOptimus.

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    ricopico Guest
    mafia 2 works on my fat32 external drive.

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