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    arcness Guest

    Load PS2 ISO's on PS3 via USBADVANCE on 3.41

    I wanted to know if the method of Loading PS2 ISO's on PS3 via USBADVANCE works in the latest firmware or was it blocked a while ago. I was thinking of getting a swapmagic to do the trick if it did work.

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    Apr 2005
    Correct, you can do it with Open PS2 Loader (more recent) or PS3 USBLD Loader (older) as long as you have a PS3 that supports backwards compatibility. Below are links to both of them:

    Open PS2 Loader: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...e-is-released/

    PS3 USBLD Loader: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...ions-released/

    PS: Either should work fine as there have been no reports here or elsewhere on them being blocked in any of the recent PS3 Firmware updates including 3.41. When something gets blocked by Sony, it makes the news all over as you can imagine.

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    TUHTA Guest
    And you will need SWAP MAGIC 3.6 to USE Open PS2 Loader.

    Good Luck!

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    arcness Guest


    3.6, 3.6 Plus, or 3.8?

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    ligator Guest
    This process I have done with the latest official firmware update the PS3, is 3.1 if I remember correctly, which means that sony have not covered anything and they still can. Also you may find useful these little programs:

    -Launch PS3 (20/60gb) - NTSC/Japanese (Must have emotion engine, only launch PS3's had this).
    -Flash Drive (PSP in USB MODE will also work).

    Simple Steps to run USB Loader:

    1. Create a folder on a compatible USB Device (ie: PSP) called SWAPMAGIC.
    2. Place the USBLD_0.2b.elf file in this folder and rename it SMBOOT0.elf
    3. If you are using the same drive to boot the game from place it in the root of the drive.
    4. Load Swap Magic with the USB Device in the FIRST USB port.
    5. Press UP and L1 and USB Loader should boot.
    6. Press X for a PAL console or O for a NTSC console
    7. Wait for USB Loader to boot and select your game.

    I say this because if it helps someone.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Ive updated to 3.41 on my PAL 60gb PS3 and can still use SwapMagic and ps2 homebrew.

    There have been a couple of reports of SM usb access not working on the NTSC 60gb(EE) ps3 but I think these are isolated incidents. Like PS3news said, If Sony had fully blocked it the news would be all over the net.

    I also dumped the ps2 bios to see if there had been any changes since 3.15 and there hasnt. as a matter a fact, the last change in the ps2 bios was FW 2.6 to FW 2.7
    Quote Originally Posted by arcness View Post
    3.6, 3.6 Plus, or 3.8?
    Is there just a normal 3.6? Im not sure about that one but both 3.6+ and 3.8coder have usb access. I would recommend 3.8coder because the usb compatibilty is a little bit better. My Emtec 16gb pen works with 3.8coder and not with 3.6+

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