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Thread: Load PS2 backup games on PS3 help?

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    EricJay Guest

    Load PS2 backup games on PS3 help?

    Greetings. I recently purchased a PS3 80 GB with backward compatibility (4 USB ports). I searched around the web for playing PS2 games on PS3, and ran to some posts. Most of them tell me that I can load the game using a usb stick with OPL or USB Loader, with Swap Disc. I attempted the trial, but the screen always freezes after I press UP + L1.

    The firmware on the PS3 is 3.55, it has kmeaw. The usb sticks were formatted to FAT32. I created a folder called SWAPMAGIC in the root dir and put the necessary files in the dir. I am still quite new at using the PS3. Anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    here is the correct link:

    hope my post will work for you

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