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    alexg13 Guest

    LittleBigPlanet BETA, Can we unlock it?

    Well, Most of you know I'm a Home Beta Tester and before a major update you guys managed to get it using a store link and some proxy work. If any of you know a Beta tester or are one yourself, Could you get a store link? (Even codes download from the store and still gets the link) When you use the code it downloads from the store.

    Go into Downloads History and redownload with the PS3 Proxy on and post the link if anyone can. The Beta doesn't use PSN id's to check if you are a tester so... We should be ok with just a link.

    There must be some software that will work with the new store...

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    ifhd Guest
    second to that.. LittleBigPlanet BETA

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