I know that everyone is getting sick and tired of seeing those annoying ads for a "free PS3" or a "free XBOX" by clicking here. I think that I may have found a site that offers "points" by filling out survey's. So far I have actually been earning points, and I have sent off and received a new charger for my DS. If a few other people wouldn't mind checking this out for me, and letting me know what they think of it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and peace out everyone... oh yeah... and here's the link www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=442166


PS-Just so no one feels like I have duped them, this is a referral link so that it will supposedly help my account out. Just FYI so no one flames me for just posting to get referrals. It will help me out supposedly but I am curious if anyone can find out more info on this whole concept. thanks.