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Thread: Little help with NPEB00754 PS3 and ReActPSN?

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    imawinner Guest

    Little help with NPEB00754 PS3 and ReActPSN?

    So I have original/working game/dlc for NPEB00754 on 3.55 CFW. I understand now for 4.3 CFW I need a .rap to use with ReActPSN to activate the DLC.

    Is there a way that I can create the RAP file using PS3Tools on my original files? I have been all over looking for the .rap file (fairly sure that's all I need as the game is working fine now, just no DLC) everywhere I find is either dead links or is the fix for 3.55.

    A Lil Help Please?

    Thank so much

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    imawinner Guest
    it says in the ps3tools there is a ps3keys program that I can use to create a .RAP from my DLC pkg? Am I understanding that correctly?

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    windrider42 Guest
    If you have the fix for 3.55, then you just need to resign it for 4.xx CFW. If you latest Aldostools, its so easy.

    Extract pkg in current path. Find eboot in USR directory. Right-click and Resign for 3.56

    It will then have Original Eboot + new Eboot.bin. Delete Original

    Back out of directory until you are at NPEB00754, right click and 'make pkg'

    Install on your 4.xx CFW and you should be good to go.

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    imawinner Guest
    Doesn't work with the DLC, says I have to redownload or sign in under the user who purchased the content. I got base game working fine.

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    drphuz Guest
    just update reactpsn to latest beta and use select + triangle... It works fine on rebug 4.30.2/slim.

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    imawinner Guest
    I'll give it a try, thank you!

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    drphuz Guest
    No problemo... if that didn't work try to extract and resign with TrueAncestor and use the 4.21+ option... the new reactpsn beta is 2.25b I believe. i edited that post from my phone but no luck... You should be enjoying Reel Steel to its fullest

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    imawinner Guest
    I found the 2.25b version, can you confirm is it triangle or triangle AND select?

    So triangle+select didn't work, it ran through everything. I have 1 failure (guessing that's Real Steel) and now it errors at launch and says there's a problem with my trophy data

    I don't know that resigning will help, from what I gather I need a .rap file for the DLC to work properly, again I have base game working fine, just problems with DLC

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