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    Little big planet PS3 update help?

    Hey guys. I borrowed little big planet 1 from my friend (BCUS98148) I ripped it using multiman. Then I DL'd a eboot pkg file and transfered the usrdir folder to the appropriate place.

    Then I start the game, it prompts me to update. I cancel, then the game plays, but signs me out of psn.

    So, I restarted the game, this time I updated, but the eboot from xmb was gone. So I tried to reinstall the pkg file, but it tells me that I already have a higher version installed.

    So, can anyone help me? wtf do I have to do? I've been going crazy trying to make it work.

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    When you download a game update it usually modifies the EBOOT, so its not a good idea if you are on 3.41 and rely on modified EBOOT files to play to your games.

    Try deleting all the GAME DATA and maybe the SAVE DATA (backup it first onto usb) and then try again, if you fail then try again with another BM...

    Good luck!..

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    Jan 2011
    Hmm, when I launch it using multiman (back to xmb) it works flawlessly, but it needs to have a disc in the drive. As I have no Bluray Disc whatsoever I won't be able to play it when I return the game to my friend.

    that's why I use modified eboots. So there is no way I can have modified eboots with updates? Or do I have to tweak something up?


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