Hi all, I'm trying to load lbp and I've had no luck. Hopefully someone has experienced the same issues:

Tried loading with AVCHD Game Manager (multiman) with bd in drive. I go to the xmb, select the disc, the game starts to load, installs the game data, trophy data, etc, then stops and dumps me back to the xmb.

Tried the same with Gaia manager, and ninja backup manager with same result. Also tried copying game to int hd, and the console freezes when copying is at 99% and I have to hard reboot. Anyone have any ideas?

My setup is 80gb ps3 with 3.14, external 250gb usb hd, psgroove jb, and the lbp game I have is BCES00141 which i believe is an eu game.

anyone have any clues?

Thanks in advance, sorry for being so long winded.

just a quick update, the game actually gets to "Important Information" then dumps back to the xmb. Don't know if that helps. Am going to try to re-extract back onto my external hdd and see what happens....

disregard - reformatted external, re-extracted directly to external, games works great now!