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    Little big planet 2 discless on rogero 4.30 help?

    hi guys, i hope you help me... i have installed rogero cfw 4.30 v.2.05 and multiman 4.18.04, i've downloaded little big planet 2 and i because i have a broke bd so i couldn't play it with a disc inserted in bd, but i saw in PS3 Backup Compatibility List that the game could be played discless.

    when i load it with multiman and open it, i have a black screen, even if i check "bd mirror" in multiman and it still show the black screen, i've try change the bd emulator in multiman sittings to "standard" and it still black... i have searched and saw some people have play it discless successfully but did not explain how to do it, so i came here hopping an answer from you, and thanks in advance...

    both of ext\internal hd have been tried but black screen still shown

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    load multiman go to far right side scroll down and download bdemu voila

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