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    dannyboii Guest

    Cool Little Big Planet

    I think this game is gonna be huge when it comes out, what do you think?

  2. #2
    wurstbrother Guest
    The thing I ask myself is : is this some kind of sequel or related to "little big adventure" on the pc?

    Has anyone got infos on this?

  3. #3
    ifhd Guest
    it takes 40 GB on the BD so it must be..

  4. #4
    kujiraldine Guest
    Are you sure? I read something like 25 GB (I don't remember were...). Perhaps 40bg include video files... but I don't think this game has 15gb of HD video. It's not a mgs like or somekind of RPG...

  5. #5
    DrAmir Guest
    i think this game is just 25 GB.

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