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    TracerTong Guest

    Question List of all PS3 directories?

    Has anyone got a list of all the PS3 directories needed for a memory stick etc?

    So far I have:


    Are these ones all you need?
    Sorry if this has been asked before, did a google and mainly lists places to buy PS3 memory stick etc.

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    AliAsghar1361 Guest

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    GeKKoXP Guest

    Thats what I can contribute.

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    PreDaTor80 Guest
    I tryed export game data from PC to PS3 creating a directory so called "PS3\GAMEDATA" in the usb stick but don't work because the file format is not compatible.


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    TracerTong Guest
    The folder names must be in caps for the OS to recognise them.

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    moose1981 Guest
    I feel quite confident that all you have to do is format the memory stick using the PS3, and it will create all the folders for you. (With the exception of the "OTHEROS" folder.)

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